This winter keep your empty head warm with our amazing Macello beanie.

Here is our very first product, the hyper comfy beanie of Macello apparel. We have lived for one year in Shanghai, China, and we made various friends involved in the local fashion industry and clothes production.

Although there are many negative beliefs behind Chinese factories conduct, the country has also endless high quality garments manufacturers. For this reason, we decided to create the Macello’s beanie, which is made entirely of high quality polyester and it comes in one size. Also, the front label is personally draw by Giotto Scarpellini during Chinese classes. Hope you like it, especially the model, and if you do, leave us a comment.

You can get this out of this world beanie by sending us an email to and we will hook you up. We ship to planet earth. The price, excluding shipping costs, is of EUR/CHF/USD 15.00. If you pay in bitcoins, the price is of BTC 5,500.00.




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