New Macello Tees 2017

Ready to make you look more handsome or if you are a girl these tees will make you look super hot too.

Our new tees are handmade with lots of love. Do not forget that all the Macello Apparel products are unisex, so you can surprise your mom any given day with one of our gorgeous garments. She will love it.

Get yours!

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Welcome to Macello!

Macello is a newly established apparel company, it was created in 2015 by us, Carolina and Giotto, a young and creative couple who felt the need to start designing their own pieces of cloth by putting numerous ideas into a concrete product. The fashion industry has plenty of interesting brands that offers cool garments, yet, we do not care at all. Our idea is quite simple, we wish to provide our customer confortable, high quality and environmentally friendly products that express a curious world’s perspective. The style for our clothes is inspired from various cultures such as skate, surf, beer, summer, music, tattoos, street art, dogs, funny cigarettes, trips, and pizza, you get the point, we are a Macello.

At the moment, since we are currently finishing our studies, we do not have the necessary funds to start off our brand with a variety of products. Instead, we have decided to use this blog as a form of communication with our customer, followers and haters. As well as that, this blog shows our current and future offerings and, in case you are crazy enough, it informs about how to purchase Macello’s items.

See you on the next post!